About Us

FATFRANK goes deeper than one may think. The story begins in 2013 when an overweight man with a vision decided to turn his life around. Nicknamed 'Pumba', he had no idea what the future had waiting for him. Living an ordinary life, without many expectations for himself, he made the decision to change his life. Today he finds himself representing his country at one of the highest levels in sport. Through wanting to give back and show anything is possible, he launched a brand that will bring joy, fulfillment and self-confidence to any and every individual.

At FATFRANK , we believe in cutting out all unnecessary adornments to present products which pride themselves in the art of simplicity. FATFRANK exists to celebrate those with the confidence to value the essentials while aiming to create a platform to build your persona from. In the fast-paced world of contemporary lifestyles, take a step back, simplify, and begin to truly value the sophistication of minimalism. FATFRANK apparel and accessories are designed to compliment your personal style and form the base of anyone's personal style.

We have had fun creating FATFRANK so you can enjoy wearing FATFRANK.